• Armstrong, Robert

    Senior Associate Clinician Scientist, CFRI
    Associate Professor, Division of Developmental Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia
    Degrees / Designations
    B.Sc., M.Sc., MD, PhD
    Primary Area of Research
    Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health
    Secondary Area(s) of Research
    Lab Phone
    Mailing Address
    Dean, Aga Khan University - East Africa
    3rd Parklands Avenue, off Limuru Road
    PO Box 30270, GPO 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
    Affiliate Websites
    Research Areas

    Population and health services research with primary focus on health outcomes in child development and disability.


    Health services and population health research with primary focus on health outcomes in child development and disability in developed and developing country settings.

    Partnerships / Collaborations:
    • Human Early Learning Partnership (UBC)
    • Metropolis Canada
    • Centre for International Child Health, BC Children’s Hospital
    • National Child and Youth Health Coalition
    • Department of Pediatrics, Aga Khan University

    Current Projects
    I am interested in the processes involved in healthy development of children and the impact of chronic illness or disability on these processes. This includes population and individual measures of disease and health status, identification of at-risk populations and the development and evaluation of clinical and population-based interventions.

    Current research projects include:
    • National study on the health and well-being of new immigrant children
    • Children with Disabilities and Health Services
    • Early Child Development Intervention (Pakistan Early Development Scale-up Trial)
    Selected Publications
    Stanton B, Huang CC, Armstrong RW, Sectish TC, Palfrey J, Nelson BD, Herlihy JM, Alden E, Keenan W, Szilagyi P.: Global health training for pediatric residents. Pediatr Ann. 2008 Dec;37(12):786-7, 792-6.

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    Honours & Awards

    SFU Outstanding Alumni Award for Professional Achievement - 2007

    Recognition of Service, American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine - 2000

    Research Group Members

    Herb Chan, PhD Candidate (co-supervision with Dr. Sam Sheps)
    Osman Ipsiroglu, PhD Candidate
    Veronica Schiariti, PhD Candidate