Away We Grow! Toddler Nutrition Study Needs Participants

Dr. Innis' team is recruiting infants aged 12-14 months to participate in a year-long study on the role of fat in kids' development.  Read More

Leveraging smartphone tech to diagnose respiratory illnesses

New mobile app from provides faster, more accurate measurement of respiratory rate.  Read More

Q&A with Dr. Laura Magee

New recommendations for diagnosing and treating hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

 Read More

New research offers hope for children with juvenile arthritis and their families

New research shows that modern treatments for juvenile idiopathic arthritis are highly effective.  Read More

    CFRI is it the largest research institute of its kind in Western Canada in terms of people, productivity, funding and size. 

    The Institute has both 'wet bench' laboratory and 'dry lab' clinical research areas, and other areas to facilitate particular areas of research and training.